Tonkichi @ Tampines Mall

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Jap, Tampines Mall
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met R for Vday cum CNY dinner. we decided to try Tonkichi for the first time since we both had Jap food cravings. hehe.

what surprised me was the number of customers in there. honestly, since this new restaurant opened few months ago, i have been quite doubtful about it. it is located at one small corner (formerly Times book store), and whenever i walked past it, there’s no one hosting. seems to be an empty restaurant to me.

however, when we stepped inside, we were greeted by their friendly crew (in Japanese of course!) and seated immediately.

our order as follows:

Hire Katsu Don (Pork Fillet Rice w Egg)
set meal comes with soup & dessert
Price: $19++

wow the portion is seriously huge! i couldn’t even finish half the rice! yeh, yeh, imma small eater. but Tonkichi really live up to it’s name for their famous thick and juicy fried cutlets. i wonder which part of the animal did they use. such a big piece!

the rice is sweet, i love the sauce they use. oh and it’s not mushy at all. you can taste each grain by itself. awesome 😀

i was anticipating the dessert but guess what it was?

orange slices -.-

i had expected at least a scoop of ice cream or something!!

but! the orange was super super sweet ^^ and served on a cold saucer too. it’s refreshing & not fattening. what’s more! the good people at Tonkichi actually sliced the skin (?) almost all the way through so you don’t have to peel. ahhh, i’m bad at describing. hope you geddit 😛

i also ordered side to go along.

Chawanmushi (Egg Custard)
Price: $3.50++

this was at a special price cos it’s an add-on.

the egg was smooth and soft. it looks dry on the outside but when you dig into it, the soup all oozes out, i just lifted the cup and slurped everything down. heh.

Rosu Curry (Pork Curry Rice)
set meal comes with salad & dessert
Price: $22++

thumbs up for serving the curry separate from the rice (: personally, i don’t mind soggy curry rice but they’re so considerate to those who like their rice dry.

the cutlet on this plate was a tad oiler /: but the curry was really good.

R also ordered a side.

Asparagus & Pork
Price: $5++

they managed to cook fat asparagus till just right (not too hard) and i’m sure it has got to do with fresh ingredients as well. totally loving it!

all in all, it was a sumptuous dinner that came at a high price. even though quality was excellent, i still feel that it was a little expensive.

total bill $55.30 + 10% + 7% = $65.10

Food ★★★★☆
Ambience ★★★☆☆
Value ★★☆☆☆


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